Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So you wanna runDisney?

The Happiest Race on Earth!!!

If you were thinking about it, and just not sure "if you can do it"----well, the answer is YES YOU CAN!!!

Let's see if we can help, with a few tips!

Pick a Race and Set a Goal:

Start from the beginning. If you aren't running at all yet, then maybe you should consider a Royal Family 5k.

Or, if know you want to do the Disney Full Marathon, well, that is good too!

No matter which race you choose, make sure to train properly, from where you are now!

There are many websites out there, with professional programs, designed specifically for you.

Don't try to re-invent the wheel. They are professionals. Listen to them.

Here are a few I recommend:

Couch to the 5k

Jeff Galloway

Marathon Rookie

Any of these will work, if you start the plan, and stick to it!

Train Properly

Along with a training program, you need to train properly.

Get a good pair of running shoes. No. Not just some you picked up at Academy or Sports Authority. No, go to a local running store, and get "fitted" for the proper shoe. And make sure that they watch you walk, or even watch you run, and know just how you are going to "wear" on your shoes.

And yes, they are more expensive, but this price is worth it for injury free, good feeling legs after each run.

Make sure to do things like hydrate and carb-load if necessary.

Train properly. Train smart.

**Remember this: you would NOT let your kids go do something crazy, like run a marathon. You would get them ALL of the gear they needed. You would buy them protein shakes, and energy bars. You would buy them the perfect clothing for that specific weather.

Treat yourself the same way. Take care of yourself while you train, and on race day.

You will be glad you did!

Bring a friend along for the journey!

You are MUCH more likely to finish the task at hand if you have a friend to help keep you accountable, and if you have someone to train those long miles with.

So, ask your hubby, ask your girlfriend....or if you can't find anyone, go join a local running club!

Or me...I'm probably training for that run anyways, I'll be glad to run thru the Castle with you :)

Plan ahead or better yet, let Main Street Memories help you plan ahead :)

Don't go into this blind. There are a lot of details that go into planning a runDisney vacation.

Let us help you! We, at Main Street Memories, have run every single race in the runDisney series, and we are here to help you with all of that knowledge and experience.

You will need to stay at a "host resort" to make transportation easier on race day, and to and from the expo!

You will want to make sure that you have all of the times correct. When to be at the expo, when to pick up your packet, when to be in your race corral, etc

There are lots of details that go into this and you don't want to train for weeks on end, only to discover that you missed out on something fabulous!

And at the end, when you come to the Hallelujah Choir, it will make all of the training, and rainy days, and sleepless nights, and tired days, and aching muscles all worth it!!!

Go get the runDisney bling!!!

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