Saturday, May 31, 2014

So you want to be a Jedi?

There are so many "he said, she said" about how to participate in The Jedi Training Academy at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, we thought we might want to do a post...with a few pointers!

Here are the highlights:
1. Plan to be at Disney's Hollywood Studios BEFORE the park opens. Atleast 30 minutes prior, is ideal. (be aware of Extra Magic Hours, and arrive accordingly)
2. Go straight to ABC Sound Studio when the park opens. Take your "padawan hopeful" with you! (they must be present to register)
3. Register for The Jedi Training Academy show that works best for you.
4. Return at that time, approx. 15 minutes prior.
5. May the Force Be With You!

-------Ok, now let's talk details.

1. Arrive Early.
You will want to be at the main entrance of Disney's Hollywood Studios approx. 30 minutes before park opening. As the crowd begins to grow, be sure to have your spot near the front of the entrance.
They do sometimes open this park a few minutes early, so be ready.

2. Go straight to ABC Sound Studio. You will begin to see Cast Members as you get closer, directing you to the line area, to begin registration.

3. Your little Jedi MUST be with you to sign up.  The "preferred age" is 4-12, although, birth certificates nor proof of age is required. Just suggested.

4. You will be given the opportunity to register for open show times.
Be sure to know your dining schedule, and your FastPass+ schedule, so you will know the best time option, to fit your daily plan.

Or...if nothing is open, change your FastPass+ selections as soon as possible.

5. Return to the Sound Studio, approx 15 minutes prior to your show time.

Have fun!

(Oh, and yes...they have thought of everything!)
If it rains, or the show is cancelled, all of those scheduled for The Jedi Training Academy during that showtime will be invited to a private Meet & Greet with Darth Vadar and his Stormtroopers!

So, remember...don't set their expectations so high that weather or something out of your control might ruin the day....but rest assured, the Cast Members at Walt Disney World to do everything they can to keep the Magic alive :)

Good Luck..and May The Force Be With You!