Monday, May 25, 2015

Selfie Stick ban

Let's call this "the gasp heard 'round the world" :)

Yes, when you say to a teenager.....or adult, for that matter.......Disney just banned selfie sticks....the reaction is quite amusing!

So, no! DO NOT panic. I repeat! Do not panic!

You may still bring your selfie stick into the parks! You may still have them in your Walt Disney World resort! And yes, you may selfie until your little heart is content!

Welllllll, the last part isn't completely true!

The Selfie Stick is banned from rides / attractions! And, it's for the safety of all guests. Not just you, but the guest in front of you, or behind you on the ride.

Imagine with me for a go up with the Selfie Stick, in the dark on Space Mountain, with a low-lying track just ahead, and BAM! The stick flies from your hand, and hits the guest behind you!

I know, I know, you have it secured with that little safety strap on your wrist, right?
Ok...things happen. Accidents happen!

And for the safety of all guests, they are banned from the attractions.

You may still take selfies in the parks, during the parades and in all common areas.
But, where it is not safe, you will be asked to refrain. an effort to help, the Memory Maker photographs are now available on many of the attractions, so maybe you won't miss that perfect photo opp after all :)

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Park Packs = grab bags?

Coming soon, to the Disney Parks Online Store , the fun addition of the new Park Packs.

As previewed earlier in the year, we expect to see a "theme" pack of merchandise, to be released each month, for a limited time, in the Park Packs.

The first Pack, is a "trading edition" so it will be pin-trading centered.
Each month, on the first Thursday of the month, the new Park Pack for the month will be released, and available while supplies last.

More details about each pack will be released each month.

The price for the first pack is set to be $39.95 including shipping.
More details to come!