Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Disney Dream - Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club

Can I just say....I wish I was a kid again?! When I walked into the Oceaneer Lab, I was immediately in love! This place is every kid's dream!

The Disney Dream has re-designed their way of thinking on this one, and I just love it all. It is NOT based on their ages...but based on their interests! What a novel idea!!!

They don't have to be forced to be in the room with 4-year-olds, just because they are 4...what if they have the interest of a 6-year-old....or what if they are sailing with a cousin...and want to play with them....well, you go right ahead!!! The Disney Dream is at your service!

Look at how fun this place is! I can touch the ceiling!

But, quite honestly, I think the coolest part is the hand-washing stations!!! Yes! Check this out.
  • You put both hands in.
  • It sprays warm water.
  • Then sprays soap.
  • The sprays again...for 30-40 seconds (the appropriate amount of time to wash hands!!).
  • Then...dries!

Are you kidding me! This is fantastic!

Ok, here's one of the cool spots! It is the Monsters Inc. part of the club! This place was full of the cool-ness that Roz, and Mike, and Sully can only bring. Full of laughs, and jokes, and good times.

I even managed to fill up the "laugh tank".......now that is good stuff!

(thanks to Susie for capturing this fun moment!)

Then, moving over to Pixie Hollow! Are you serious! Pixie Hollow.....oh, every little girl in the world will just be in her own little fairy-world here!
It is ready for all fairies of all sizes, to come in and play until they just can't play any more. To believe in the magic of fairy tales, and to set their little dreams up as high as they can! AHH! I love it here!

And then................................ANDY'S ROOM!!!!!!!!

Oh, now, seriously, I know I've said it before....but I could stay in here forever! So crazy cute!!!

Ok, this huge barrel of monkeys, and then Mrs. Potato Head with real parts!!! Parts as big as me! This is just too much!

And, yes, that is Susie playing in the Slinky tunnel! Oh, the cuteness!

Yes, I think the workers in here were thinking we have officially lost our minds! Playing in here...and um....we did not have our kids with us?!

All in all, I would say this is the best little play place ever!!!

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  1. Cole says your pictures are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!