Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Your first trip to Walt Disney World?? Top 10 Tips!!

So many people ask us......."I've never been to Walt Disney World...what do I need to know?"

Well, honestly, that is like saying, I've never been to America, where should I start?!

So, I will start with some of the top Tips that I like to tell people....just a few quickies!

1. You need a plan. Now, don't take me TOO serious, because part of the frustration of Disney World is that so many people have it SO planned out that they can't relax. BUT....if you just have a general plan, it will help eliminate SOOOOO much of the stress.

A. What park do you want to go to each day?
B. Are you on the dining plan? Go ahead and make sure your reservations are made and ready!
C. Are there any characters you MUST see??? Make sure to review the Times Guide, so that you will know what time and where that specific character might appear!

2. Speaking of many people are mislead, because they think that their child is gonna skip down Main Street USA holding Minnie Mouse's hand, while they are both in their cute little red polka dot dress. Now, I am not saying it "can't" happen, but more than likely, it won't. Just remember, EVERYONE there wants to see Mickey, and NO ONE wants to wait in line, either. But, it's just part of the deal. So, again, check your Times Guide for locations and times, and make sure you plan your day accordingly!

3. And, if you are going to see as much as possible, and do as much as you can, you are gonna need good, comfortable shoes. Now, notice I did not say Tennis Shoes. Those may not work for you. DO NOT go out and buy a brand new pair of shoes and then try to conquer Walt Disney World in them. NOT a good idea! But, if you have a great, comfy pair of flip flops, then by all means, choose them. Just make sure everyone in the family has their "best foot forward" and life will be a lot more Magical for everyone! Trust me, I'm a professional :)

4.Plan some down time. Make sure to "schedule" in some down time in your plan. It can be an entire day off, just spent at the resort enjoying the pool, or just for one night, plan to NOT close down the parks, and go ahead and go back and get a good night's rest. Or, it can be as simple as, making sure to see the Hall of Presidents during the middle, hottest part of the day. And, maybe to go watch the Beauty and the Beast Show during Naptime.

Whatever it is that you choose to do, just make sure a "break" is planned in there somewhere. You are gonna need it!

5. The weather is unpredictable. So, just plan for the unexpected. Make sure to watch the weather for a few days before you leave home, so that you know what the average temp will be. But, then, if it is the summer time, Orlando is notorious for those quick hard summer showers. So, I recommend grabbing a poncho for everyone from the Dollar Tree, or the hunting department of Walmart or Target. They are super cheap, and tiny. Just throw them in your bag, and if the rain comes, you are ready!

**And, on the subject of rain, if you do get caught in the rain....don't run from it, play in it! Nothing is better than letting your kids dance in the rain puddles in the Magic Kingdom!!! Live a little! You will be glad you did!

6. Take advantage of the FREE Fastpass that Walt Disney World has to offer! So many people tell me that they never even used it, because they did not know what it was! If you have booked your vacation with Main Street Memories, then you will find an entire section in your travel booklet, dedicated to an explaining how to best use the FastPass system.

7. Let us help you. Do not exhaust yourself making your own Dining Reservations, we can do that for you. Do not spend time looking at every little website trying to decide how to plan out your snacks. Ask us, we will help you. And, do not be overwhelmed if you see a commercial for Walt Disney World with a new sales/promotional offer! Just ask us. We will help you. If you are trying to stay in a budget or your dates are not flexible, or you have just simle needs, just ask. Main Street Memories is here to help you...and we will help you until you have your vacation just like you want it!

8. Take advantage of the photopass opportunities. Again, this is one of those things that lots of people don't understand. And, even if you think you won't buy them, go ahead and let them take the shot, and give them your camera. They will gladly take it. Usually, they are positioned in the best spots in the parks and they are professional photographers. They will take great pictures. And, when you get home, it's a great way to share your photos with friends and family. Even if you don't buy them, they are fun to look at!

9. Stay INSIDE Disney Property. Now, I don't get any perks for telling you this. But, it is my honest to goodness advice. And you will be so thankful you did. You can take advantage of Disney's Magical Express if you fly into the Birmingham airport. And you can use the Disney Buses to and from your resort and the parks. NO driving, no traffic. No madness. And, it's so much easier at the end of the day, to just zip right over to your resort! And, if you are on property, you can take advantage of the Disney Dining Plan.

10. Save some for later....Don't try to do it all in this one visit. Because unless you are staying about 10 days, I am not sure you can do every little thing. See all of the characters. Eat all of the best meals. Do every ride. Find every hidden Mickey. There's just so much.

But that's the magic of it all. You can do so much now, and then come home, and start planning your next trip!!!


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  1. All good advice. I can't believe it's almost time for our trip! And I'm gonna send you my reservations so you can make sure I did OK...and so you can fix what I messed up. ;)


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