Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We can't all be a Princess (well, maybe we can!)

Are you considering running the Disney's Princess Half Marathon this year?!

Well, we have some tips for you, to help you make the most of your trip, training, and tiara!!

First things first.

Register. And do it today. It will sell out. So will the 5k. If you think you are gonna do it, go ahead and register and commit yourself and your $$$ to the race! You will be so glad you did.

Reservations: Make sure to let us here at Main Street Memories make your reservations. We can customize your package to suit your needs and help you with lots of tips and tricks along the way. We have run EVERY SINGLE DISNEY RACE AVAILABLE so, we are certain to help you avoid some mistakes and make the most of your vacation. Contact us today! (and the best part is....our Magical Services are completely FREE!!!)

Run: Start your training. Now, most half marathon training plans give you about a 16-20 week program, so get your calendar out and mark a start date. But, don't wait for that day. The more you run in advance of that date, the easier your training will be when you "officially start"

In advance:

If you think you are gonna run wearing a tiara (and, ah hem....why would you NOT?!) then I recommend that you look around at a party store, or Claire's boutique. You can get a very cute, cheap tiara, and you can try it on, and maybe even take it for a practice run (yes! I totally did a run thru my neighborhood wearing my tiara!!)

You *can* buy them at the Expo, but believe me, they are much more expensive there.

Don't forget about eating......if you are on the Disney Dining Plan, you will want to make sure that your Dining Reservations have been made. Remember a good meal, EARLY on Saturday evening is your BEST FRIEND!!!

Are you going to wear a costume during the race?! If so, make sure to consider all factors in advance. The material. The length. The fit. If it's too long, you could trip. If it's too tight, well, it might rub in all the wrong places. Again, give that baby a test run! Better to be safe than sorry.

Magical Express: If you have allowed Main Street Memories to book your vacation for you, we will make sure that you know to take advantage of the Magical Express. It is a free service offered by Walt Disney World to bring you to and from the Orlando Airport. It will save you some $$$ and time, and not to mention the stress of dealing with traffic!

**on that note, if you are flying, make sure to put your running shoes in your carry-on. Unless you are ok with buying a new pair at the Expo! For me, my running shoes are the only thing, I can't run out and "buy a new one".....I want to be able to run in "my shoes"...just in case they lose my luggage :(

The Disney's Fit for A Princess Expo:
It is just a good idea to go to the Expo Early. DO NOT wait until late Saturday, if you can at all help it. They *will* run out of merchandise, and lots of the booths will sell out, especially of the most popular items and sizes. After all, you've come all this way, and trained hard, you don't want the leftovers!

Packing tips:
Make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen for that hot Florida sun.

Old clothes. Old clothes are a GREAT item to have in your suitcase, so on Race Day, you can shed them as soon as you warm up. But, it could very possibly have a chilly start line, so make sure to be prepared for that.

Your camera. This is the race of a lifetime and you will certainly be glad that you brought a little camera along with you. If you are running with a friend, swap cameras so that when you spot a character...you take hers, she takes yours, and off you go, without much time lost.

**And, don't forget to charge your battery and empty your memory card!

Make a packing list. And check it twice. Or 12 times.
You don't want to forget your sports bra, and not realize it until the morning of!! (ask me how I know!)

Take Aquaphor with you. In case you do get "rubbed the wrong way" or for your chapped lips, or for blisters.

Pack a little first aid kid. Band-aids, ibuprofen, tweezers, etc

And, don't forget to bring a girlfriend, or 10! This is by far one of the funnest races all year, and every year, we try to bring more Princesses with us, so they can experience this fun race! It is one NOT to be missed.

And, in the end, you will have the Tiara to prove that you are, in fact, what you've been trying to convince the rest of the world...A PRINCESS!!!

**And we will post some "what to expect during the race" tips a little bit later

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