Friday, January 21, 2011

Main Street Electrical Parade

When I was little, and we went to Walt Disney World, we would always wait until the end of the night, find a spot near the curb, my dad would go get some popcorn for the three of us to share (never really worked out, because my brother would steal mine...) and we would wait anxiously....very anxiously for the parade to start.

I can remember that they used to come over the loud speaker and say "the parade will be begin in 10 minutes".......oh my goodness. that was the longest 10 minutes EVER!!!

Anyways, when the announced that they were bringing this parade back.......I was so super excited. And, then even more excited when I realized it would be showing during our visit to Walt Disney World in January.

So, of course, we found our popcorn involved......and waited. I am not sure who was more excited....the boys...or me! But, here it is!

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