Thursday, February 13, 2014

Castaway Club comes home!

Some exciting changes are on the horizon for Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Club!

Currently, as soon as you disembark your very first Disney Cruise Line Vacation, you become a Member of the Castaway Club.

Typically you get a welcome letter, with your official Castaway Club Member cards!
Yes, that's you are an official "card carrying" member:)

But, what does this mean?

It means that every time in the future, when you embark on a Disney Cruise Line Vacation, you will have just a few "perks" on that sailing.

They vary from time to time, and they vary according to your "level" of Castaway Club membership.
(in other words, the more you cruise, the more your perks might be!)

So, now, as it stands you receive your Castaway Club member gifts in your stateroom, on each sailing.

But...after that first cruise....really, just nothing :(

So, in an effort to bring a little bit of the "Disney Magic" home with you, now you will receive a "welcome home" gift as a part of your Castaway Club welcome!

Disney Cruise Line has commissioned a few artists to help bring their vision to your mailbox. The artists, inspired by the four Disney ships, have created an exclusive set of 5 Castaway Club art cards to be a part of this series.

In addition to the artist's prints, there is also a new car magnet on the horizon.

The new Castaway Club members will receive the artist card.

And when a current Castaway Club member graduates from their current status to a new level (ex: silver to gold or gold to platinum) they will receive the car magnet in their mailbox! Just a little something fun to sport around town!

You know...brag to your friends, and all :)

Ok, more details to follow, but this was just too fun not to post!

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