Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's the best way to get to the Disney Cruise Line Terminal?

Here's a breakdown of the Cruise Transportation Options to and from Port Canaveral....and a few extra things to note;

1. Disney Cruise Line Transfers:
Cost: Approx $32 per person (each way)

Pros: Easy! They pick you up at the airport after you retrieve your luggage, deliver you to the Disney Cruise Line terminal, and then return you to the airport at the end of the cruise.

Cons: This might be a costly option for you.

2. Car Service -
Cost: Approx $117 each way or $210 if you book round-trip

Pros: Easy.
A driver will pick you up at the airport, help you retrieve your luggage and deliver you to/from  the Disney Cruise Line Terminal.

Cons: Schedule. This driver will be scheduled for pickup and delivery, so you will need to make sure to get to the Baggage Claim area as quickly as possible after your flight has landed. And the same at the end of the cruise. This will be a scheduled pickup, so you will need to be time-aware.

Some people are "particular" and don't want a "stranger" driving a standard vehicle.
And this might be a little costly for your budget.

3. Taxi -

Cost: Approx $110 each way

Pros: Flexible schedule. When your flight lands, you retrieve your luggage and proceed to the Taxi area to secure your Taxi.

Sometimes, you might have to wait on the next available taxi.
Some people are not comfortable with Taxi drivers in general.
Cost might be an issue for this method.

4. One way rental car

Cost: Approx $50 each way

Pros: Complete flexibility. This allows you the opportunity to pick up the car when you are ready to leave the airport, at your convenience.
And it gives you the flexibility of being able to make stops along the way, for groceries, or lunch, or if you realize you have forgotten something at home :)

You have to pay the tolls on the interstate.

Of the 4 options, this one requires the most "effort" on your part.
You will have to pickup the car at the airport. And return it to the rental location NEAR the cruise line terminal, but not AT the cruise line terminal.
When you arrive at the Rental Car location, you will return the car, and then, they will shuttle you and your family and your luggage to the terminal.

*This is a very easy process, but it does take a little bit of time. So I would allow 30 minutes from when you arrive at the Rental Car location....until your arrival at the Cruise Line terminal.

Then the same thing in reverse, when your cruise is complete.
You will retrieve your luggage, and then proceed to the Rental Car Shuttle area.
They will shuttle you to the Rental Car location, and then you will pick up your car there, and drive to the airport. And then return the car.
Then proceed inside for your flight, as usual.


Now----on a personal note,
I have used all 4 of these options, with my family.

I have listed them in order of convenience, and they are in reverse order of cost.

So, this is such a personal decision as to which option is best for you and your family.

But, if you are trying to decide...and still need my opinion, please feel free to ask!

But no matter what you choose, I can help you set it all up, and help make it as easy for you as possible :)

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