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Main Street Memories 365 - Help! I'm planning a Disney trip!

Help! I'm planning a Disney Vacation!!!

We often get LOTS of emails, with LOTS Of questions, and sometimes, they are very much the same.

That being said, we KNOW how stressful it can be, and we are here to help! And that's why we love what we do! We can help take some of this stress away, and make YOU feel a little more comfortable about your upcoming vacation.

So, here's a Q&A session we had recently with one of our guests, we thought maybe you could find some helpful info in here:

1. Is Hollywood Studios the same thing as Universal Studios?

No, Hollywood Studios is a Disney Theme Park and Universal is it's own.

2. We really want to do the safari at the Animal Kingdom. Is there different safaris or just one? Is there an additional fee to go on the safari or is it covered by the Hopper ticket? Also, is there a particular time of day that you know when the safari is at its best when the animals are more on the move?

Ok. There is a safari, that is an attraction at Animal Kingdom, included in your ticket, that you can do over and over if you want. Then there is the Guided Tour, the Wild Animal Trek. It is an additional $189 per person. Here's some info on it.

3. What at each park is not covered by the Hopper tickets that we will pay out of pocket for?

Nothing at all. Well, there are some "tours" but those are really things that you would not typically do. I can send you some info on those. But, really, all of the rides, shows, attractions, etc are all included. (food, souvenirs, etc are not!)

4. Do meal vouchers work for every restaurant or are there certain ones that take more than one or do not take one at all? Also, I know you said that it covered a snack, a little meal and a big meal, but what does that cover- drinks, apetizers, etc?

Yes, most every restaurant on Disney property takes the Disney Dining plan. If you are using a Table Service, you would get your entree, drink, and dessert. A Quick Service is the entree, drink and dessert, and then a snack (ice cream bar, popcorn, piece of fruit, bottled water.....LOTS of snack options)

5. Do we need to make reservations for our meals and if so how far in advance? or do you do that for us?

Yes, I can gladly do that for you. You can make dining reservations as early as 180 days prior to your arrival, so as soon as we have a confirmation number, we would want to go ahead and get started on that!

6. Will our car be able to stay parked at the resort when we get there or will we need to drive anywhere?

Yes, you can leave your car the entire time, and you can take Disney transportation if you would like. That being said, you also receive complimentary parking while in a Disney resort.

7. Do shuttles have fees and if so how much?

NO ;)

8. Do you have any strong recommendations for romantic things to do or places we must eat while we are there?

Yes, there are a few dining recommendations that I can give. We can check availability when we start working on that :)

9. What do we do if it rains?

If it rains, you can
A) go back, rest, enjoy the resort
B) roll your pants leg up and enjoy the rain, and enjoy the parks with less crowds, because everyone else chose option A
**I always say, a rainy day at Disney is better than a day at home :)

10. So, if you think of everything what will we have to pay for out of pocket once we get there?

If you have the Disney Dining plan, your tickets and your resort, honestly you will need souvenir $$ and probably a little bit of what I call "snacky" money. You might need to buy a breakfast or 2 out of pocket, or you can take bagels, muffins, granola bars, etc to have in the room. And, alcoholic drinks are not included in any of the dinners.

11. How far away is the Pop Century resort from the parks? How far would we have to walk if we needed to go back to the room?

Oh, you would not be able to walk to the Pop Century. You would take the Disney Transportation buses back to the resort. They are at the front of each park, and they run about every 10 minutes back to Pop Century.

12. I know you said that we needed to put down a $200 deposit, how exactly would we do that? And the rest of the money, does that have to be in one bulk payment or do we do that in small payments?

You can pay your deposit however you choose. You can pay via credit/debit card, or you can mail a check. And then on the balance, it is due in full approx 45 days prior to your arrival. And you can make as many or as few payments, as often as you want before then.

13. With Hopper passes, does it matter how many times we go in and out of the parks? Ex. if on day one we stay half a day at the Animal Kingdom and 1/2 day at Magic Kingdom, can we re-enter those parks on a diferent day? I guess just kind of wanting to know how the passes work, do we just present them at the front gates and they take one away from us or how exactly does that work?

You are absolutely correct! As long as you have the hopper option on your tickets, you can go in and out of each Disney Theme park as often as you want, every day, all day!

14. One more question, I know I should have probably asked this before but the last travel agent we had for our honeymoon we did not pay him anything, the resort paid him once we reserved the trip, is that how it works with ya'll or do we have to pay you a fee?

Yes, you do not pay a fee for my service! No fees at all.

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