Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disney Dream - Spectacle at Sea

Oh, when I saw this video, my heart jumped up and down!

I had to watch it a second time, because I know that this will be one of those vacations that we remember for years and years! The excitement, the thrill....the Magic!!!!

The entertainment factor of Disney Cruise Line is second to none! I continue to be amazed at the "imagineer" overload of the shows, the restaurants, the special events! Oh my! Oh my!

So, as the Disney Dream Maiden Voyage is drawing closer and closer, we will try to keep you updated on the news!

I mean, did you catch that! A new and improved "Mickey's Pirates in the Caribbean"!!!

How fun!
I love the concept of Club Pirate, and making sure that the adults can be kids-at-heart! I mean, after all, if you are on the Disney Dream, then certainly you have some "fun" left in you!
And, then the Buccaneer Blast! Amazing. I love the fact that Disney Cruise Line still holds the title of being the ONLY Cruise Line to do Fireworks at Sea....and we are proud of it!

So, for this to be even better.....well, then WOW! I can't wait!!!

The Maiden Voyage is drawing near....but until then.....

Bon Voyage!

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